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Why Green Heat?

Gas and oil heating for homes is the largest single contributor to carbon emissions in North Hertfordshire, making up nearly one quarter of our region's emissions (BEIS, 2020). These emissions must be brought close to zero within the next 10 to 15 years to avoid runaway climate change. Emissions from home heating can be reduced or eliminated through energy efficiency (i.e. insulation) and replacing gas and oil boilers with renewable heating systems like heat pumps.

Heating is the most complex system within the home and contributes 65% of the average utility bill and over 70% of the typical home's emissions*. Switching to low carbon heating such as a heat pump therefore has the largest potential for reducing home emissions. But making the switch can be expensive and disruptive, and good advice is not readily available.

*Based upon the 2017 median house consumption (BEIS, 2021), the 2021 carbon intensity of electricity and natural gas, and energy prices as of August 2022.


About Us

Green Heat Coop is a non-profit co-operative company providing expert and bespoke advice to homeowners who want to heat their homes in a more environmentally-friendly way.


Green Heat Coop was founded in March 2022 by Fiona Hughes. After spending over 5 years advising governments and businesses on green heating solutions, Fiona saw there was a need for greater support for homeowners to make changes in their homes.


When speaking with friends and family (and anyone else willing to listen) about low carbon heating, Fiona found that while most people are keen to reduce their emissions (and their energy costs), they may not be sure what options are right for their situation or how to get started. Green Heat Coop aims to support households through this process, providing impartial, independent, and tailored advice on low carbon home heating.


That's the vision for Green Heat Coop, we hope you'll join to help make it a reality.

About Us: About Us

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