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A collection of the most helpful sites from around the internet

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Radiator Temperature Wheel

Energy Efficiency

How to optimise your boiler

Guidance on how to reduce your combi boiler's flow temperature to improve its efficiency from Nesta

Reducing home heat loss

Information on insulation and draught-proofing measures to reduce your home's heat loss from the Energy Saving Trust

UK Gov energy saving

High-level advice from central government on improving energy efficiency within the home from BEIS

Find your home Energy Performance Certificate

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) provides information about your home's heating and energy efficiency measures, and lists some potential improvements from central government

South Cambs advice service

South Cambs district council is working with the Local Energy Advice Partnership to provide energy saving advice to eligible households

Resources: Efficiency

Heat Pump Information

A Complete Guide to Heat Pumps

Wide-ranging overview of heat pumps, including history, how they work, and homeowner advice from the Renewable Energy Hub

Heat Pump Advice

Advice for homeowners on heat pump installation and operation from the Heat Pump Federation

Heat Geek Advice

Consumer advice on heat pumps from expert installers, including lots of videos from Heat Geek

Installation Cost Estimator

Estimate the upfront cost of installing a heat pump in your home based on similar installations with this tool from Nesta

Check Home Suitability

High-level tool from central government to check if your home is suitable for a heat pump

Resources: Heat Pump


Boiler Upgrade Scheme

Guidance for property-owners about the Boiler Upgrade Scheme from Ofgem

North Herts EEHS

North Hertfordshire's Energy Efficient Home Scheme provides funding for energy efficiency measures for eligible households

Resources: Funding
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